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Damage Dealer is a narrative simulation game about tending to sick machines in an exploding desert. You are a repairman trained to monitor and treat the biomechanical 'herds' that keep our present whole. But something has gone wrong, and the herds are failing. A seethe has begun: Flora, fauna, and detritus from another time are erupting into your world, bringing an uncanny lushness to the long-dry desert. Our world and our time are in danger of being subsumed altogether. Play your part.


Each herd is made up of sensitive little mechanisms, and they're under siege. You are an expert: You diagnose, treat, and maintain the herds. Inspect their cellular makeup through a microscope. Carefully pluck parasites with your tweezers, or knock them off with a mallet. Harvest otherworldly ingredients to brew restorative tonics, then inject them carefully—or just toss them back yourself.


The desert is ancient. It is filled with the traces of many violences—the vestiges of centuries-old colonialism, the brutal transformations of a misused planet, the empty homes of uncared-for peoples. Amid the dunes and the wreckage are secrets, the stories of a disappearing world and the descendants of the disappeared. To understand what is happening, you will have to learn what has happened—to contend with the heat, the dry, and the thin air to know this place before it is swallowed up.


You are not the only person in the desert. Old friends know you from a life you hardly remember. Strangers pursue strange ends. Others are emerging from another time, but as invaders or as refugees? To enter this world you will have to be a part of it—to decide who to save and who to spurn, who to trust and who to betray, to help create a community that might survive the seethe that tears the world apart.

Damage Dealer is currently under development. This is a demo showcasing the beginning of the game. More is on the way.

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Damage Dealer Demo 2 GB
Version 1.35 22 days ago


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There's no way to save progress, right? I know it's just a demo but I keep getting interrupted in real life and have to quit and restart later. I'm maybe taking longer than intended because I keep getting lost. Either way, I will keep trying because this is very interesting and I can't wait to see more (or even just complete the demo haha). Most games I skim in game texts but this game I want to read all of it. That other commenter is right - it's poetic. I love it so far.

I have a possible issue - some of the pages of the journal are cut off. Is that on purpose? I don't mean the pages with little rectangles, I mean there's a few where the last line is off the page. It happens on pages 15, 79, and 106, like this - 

Hey! Sorry that you've been getting lost—there are some tools on the way that should help with that. And no, no save progress in, but soon!

Thanks so much for the kind words, that's great to hear. And thanks for the heads-up on the journal text, I'll fix that!

i saw this on the nyu game center stream yesterday and immediately fell in love and having played the demo i can safely say it is just as inscrutable and poetic and bizarre as i'd hoped it would be. VERY much looking forward to further development on this. has vibes like if pathologic, crypt worlds, fall out: new vegas, and disco elysium manifested a baby together. Lovin it

Thanks for the kind words, very glad you enjoyed the demo! Looking forward to bringing you more.